and the Conquest of Darkness

Our Lady of Guadalupe


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With gripping detail and firsthand accounts that read like a novel, renowned author Warren Carroll unveils the events that led up to the divine intervention in which Our Lady of Guadalupe was sent to an Aztec, known now as St. Juan Diego. Here is the untold story of the faith and valor of the Spanish as they encounter an early Aztec culture marked by an immorality and an idolatry of epic proportions, along with the hardships they endured in the face of unspeakable cruelty.

You will see the hard reality of Aztec culture — the homage that terrorized souls would pay to the satanic rulers who oppressed them and the widespread practice of human sacrifice in worship of chilling gods with diabolical titles. All this is juxtaposed against a Catholic culture propagated by the indomitable Queen Isabel of Spain.

In these gripping pages, you will discover:

  • Leaders such as Hernan Cortes, in his own words, and what inspired him to never sound retreat  
  • A little-known but influential woman named Lady Marina
  • Whether it was just for the Spanish to reclaim Mexico
  • Astonishing conversions and the multitudinous Baptisms that occurred 
  • How the Spanish would charge the Aztec warriors despite the 10,000-to-1 odds against them!
  • Medical evidence of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s world-changing apparition

The exacting researcher Carroll recounts the astonishing speed with which the Spanish overtook the Aztec empire, one of the greatest conquests in history. You will learn about infamous defeats, including the Night of Sorrow, and apocalyptic-like battles between the ferocious warriors that resulted in the foundation of the Church in Mexico. You will behold brilliant tactical maneuvers, diplomacy at its best, and, most significantly, how Mary helped secure the victory of life over a dark culture of death.

This book is ultimately a testament to God’s immeasurable power and mercy, which we are invited to experience even now.

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Our Lady of Guadalupe